A New Prospective on Prosthetics

By Sage O’Brien

In the Prosthetics Module, the first challenge is to go without a body part. That could be leg, arm, hearing, or eyesight. I chose eyesight. For five minutes my group mates and I were blind. I remember after the five minutes were up thinking to myself, “I’m glad that’s over..some people don’t have control over what they have lost.” That thought stuck with me throughout the process of doing my creating the prosthetic.

Our baseWe first started off brainstorming on the white board, then it came to executing our ideas, with the decision matrix. In the end, we decided to combine two ideas. We would use a sponge type of material for comfort, with a rounded solid piece to hold it. For the foot we would make it out of wood and then we would have a strap to attach to your upper leg.

When we began working it was all going smoothly and we had our base. Which consisted of a two very durable cardboard pipe like material, that was attached by a pool noodle inside. We left a gap in the middle so the knee area wasn’t stiff. When we got to the strap and attaching it part, we struggled to come up with ideas. We were looking on google and found that a lot of prosthetics had almost like a sleeve that the upper leg could slide into and then attach. We really liked that idea but had no idea how to execute it. We found one of those huge Elmer’s glue container

Prosthetics Materialss and thought we could possibly make something out of that. Through a lot of cleaning, cutting, and stapling, we were able to mold it to our upper leg and then secure it to our base.We also added cotton balls for comfort and support. Now, for the foot. We decided our best option was to go with wood, since that seemed the most durable material. We used the saw machine to cut out our template and then wrapped it in felt and usProsthetic Side Viewed duct tape to attach it on.As you can see, we ran into a lot of problems throughout our building process, but I learned that sometimes that’s a god thing, because better ideas can come from your mistakes.

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