Biomedical Sciences

One of the modules that we’ve done is about bio-medical sciences. Our task was to brainstorm ideas for medicine in 50 or 100 years. Then put it all on a poster and make it interactive by using the Aurasma app. The Aurasma app works by programming it to focus on one of the drawings then once it recognizes it, a visual pops up and interacts with the drawing. Our group came up with some great ideas on how advanced medicine will become in 50 years. Some of our ideas were a cancer vaccine that you would take regularly instead of going through chemotherapy and anti-scar gel that you would put on a fresh wound or old wound that would heal faster without a scar instead of the anti-scar stuff they have now that you have to put on regularly and for a very long time regardless if the wound is old or not.


Bio-medical science expands in many different ways. There are things such as Stimulation Applications in Medicine, and Prosthetics. So biomed could expand as far as engineering and computer technology. In Simulations its basically like a computer simulation about how the stomach and other parts of the body react to certain types of medicine.

Our biomed project dealt with simple dynamics of epidemics. I learned a lot about prosthetics and how medicine is improving. We made a guess of what medicine will look like in the future. I learned about how the infectious rate changes the susceptible and infected rate. This module was really helpful to me and I learned so much.

-Jazlyn, Lilly and Emi

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