Safety using a Miter Saw

Hey Guys,

As many of you know, at ARS, we have a Project Lead the Way (PLTW) class. In PLTW, we learn many useful things that can help us decide what to do with our lives. One of those things is learning about tools, how to use them, and what they are used for.  One of the tools we learned about is called the miter saw.

To use the miter saw you will need:

  • eye protection
  • ear protection
  • something to cut
  • a clamp
  • When you first go to the miter saw, the arm will be down. To lift it up, push the arm down and look on the left side of the miter saw. There should be a silver pin. Pull the pin while pushing down on the arm, and the arm should come up. Next, you will need to make sure the miter saw is at the angle you want it at. The angles will be marked with red. When all the angles are at the correct positions, clamp down the wood you would like to cut. Make sure the saw is going to cut in the correct place. To do this, bring down the saw about halfway. There should be a shadow. The shadow will show you where the saw will cut. When the saw is ready and the wood is clamped where it needs to be, put on your eye and ear protection. Then, put your non-dominant hand somewhere that it will not be cut, and your dominant hand on the saw handle. Pull the trigger while pulling the saw arm down. Cut through the wood. When the wood is cut, pull the arm back up and release the trigger at the same time. Take the cut wood off of the saw, and unclamp the other wood. Take the wood off the saw. Pull down the arm and push in the pin. Take off your eye and ear protection. Make sure everything is cleaned up and put away in the correct places, and then you are done.

Using power tools is really fun, but only if you aren’t rushing to the hospital because you didn’t use basic safety. Please use goggles and ear protection when using power tools and be sure to keep your hands, feet, head, hair, and anything else you would like to keep, away from the moving parts of the tools.

Have fun and saw on,

Regina S.

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