Growing Up Through the Lens


My dad's fight to battle cancer. My dad’s fight to battle cancer.

Growing Up Through the Lens

Hello internet!
For my second module, my group and I decided to do photography. We built a pin hole camera and learned a little bit about the history of photography. During this module, I was thinking about my dad a lot and his job as a photographer and filmaker. So, for my blog this six weeks, I decided to write about my dad, a true inspiration.

My dad is a professional photographer and is an independent filmaker. Growing up, I was surrounded by cameras. Kodaks, Polaroids, Digital, etc. In my younger years, I would travel with my dad all around the country and see him capture beautiful photos. I would go to work with him a lot. Watching my dad snap photos and record videos made me realize that he truly loved his his job. Photography and filmaking wasn’t ever boring to him, and he never did it for the money. I look up to my dad as a rolemodel, not only in career choices, but in life. I want to live a life, where I’m doing what I love and taking control.

Yours truly,

Effy Shapter

My Dads website:

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