Pinhole Camera

In class, for our last module, Intro to Photography, we made a pinhole camera. This was part of the pathway, Media Teach. The camera is still a work in progress, but it’s the best camera so far in our class. We had a few flaws but we have improved it, all we need to do is take a really good picture with it, and we plan on taking a picture of a big red button.

We started by getting a soda can, but realized how difficult it would be to use it and cut it. So instead, we delayed the project until we finally got a pringles can, which was much easier and practical in the long run. First, to make the pinhole camera we had to research what it was and how it worked. We figured out that a pinhole camera works by light coming through a small hole and imprinting the image on the film inside. For this to work the inside of the camera had to be completely pitch black.

The actual building process started when we got the pringles can. We started putting black paper around the inside the can. Then we cut a big hole at the bottom of the can. After that we add more paper to the can.  We added the paper on the lid and at the bottom of the can. We had many attempts on taking the pictures and we still haven’t taken one perfect picture. On the first picture, we let light come in for too long and the picture came out with different things on it. On the second picture, we let light come in for a short amount of time and there was nothing on the picture.

In conclusion the camera was a work in progress Ms.Sauter (our teacher) told our group it was the best camera she had seen so far but we messed up on our picture and when she said/asked us if we wanted to keep working on it to make it better and to take the perfect picture because we want to feel good about our work. Our group worked on this camera and tried our hardest and sometimes we got frustrated but we did not give up and we feel very proud of ourselves that we have accomplished something and that we did an amazing job on it.When we worked on this camera  we put on straight focused faces but we also had fun making the camera  and we each did our own parts.

-Monserrat, Nayeli, Yazmeen, and Elayna

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