My Individual Blog

My blog is going to be about the projects that we do around class. Such as the media technology modules that we do like, photography & blogging (Like what I am doing now). Biomedical modules that include making prosthetics & computer simulations. And, lastly the engineering modules which are probably the most popular, they include projects like making bridges out of toothpicks and building bird houses.


The modules I have done are media tech and engineering. I have done the toothpick bridge, blogging, and filmed a small video about the future technologies. My thoughts on these projects are that they show you different ways of seeing the way things will be in the future or how hard it is to build simple things.


The toothpick bridge helped me understand that simple things like gluing toothpicks together and making them hold things down. That looked very easy and simple, like it was a piece of cake. But, there was a huge struggle. with building this simple little bridge. By the way, our bridge held on to lots of weight, more than we thought.


Filming a short video about the futures technologies was actually pretty cool. I loved the part where you got to choose what new technology to make, that will help the human race more than what we have got now. Out of all the projects this was my absolute favorite because it showed me what to kind of expect in the future.

And, lastly with the blogging. Writing, typing, etc. is what I enjoy to do. I just love talking and typing about what happens around me or what my thoughts are on certain things. Blogging helps me express what I want to say and without blogging everything I think or see will be trapped inside me and never let out. So, blogging is really fun and very needed in my life.

Candace Castillo

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