Are You an Engineer of Tomorrow?

By: Savannah C, Marissa, Natalia, and Fatima

Engineering is the craft of creation. All it takes is an idea,then create something that will improve our everyday life, to make things easier for us, and to improve our existence on this planet. Engineers work to find problems and then create a solution, what a cool job!

Our group decided to do the Engineering module for different reasons: some wanted to design, create, or build. We felt that this module would suit all of our interests. The main thing we learned through the modules activities of creating a bridge and speaker, was that, when engineering, nothing will go as planned.

There have been many challenges that we have faced among adventures of PLTW (Project Lead The Way). Our 1st challenge as the 8th grade students was to design a speaker that amplifies the sound of a iPhone 5s. During this challenge we used the full design process for the first time. You learn something new everyday! Next, we had to design a bridge to cross the “East River in Manhattan.” The river span was 16” long. The materials were the first challenge. How are we supposed to build a bridge out of toothpicks, string, and school glue? We had no experience in this matter.


Analyzing Our Success

Solving problems is a main attribute at The Ann Richards School. We are challenged in school to create prototypes using materials like toothpicks, raisins, news paper and spaghetti to make bridges and towers. Teamwork or collaboration plays a big role in our community, on a larger scale. Students are asked to solve problems everyday. Like, who has what homework for the creation of the bridge? We will soon be introduced to the basics of construction and robotics and the solutions and programming will not just be handed to us. We will imagine ideas and brainstorm solutions.


Our Brain-Storming Domain

Everyone, at some point, puts their feet into an engineers shoes. We take on these roles and not even know it. We may not have the title of an engineer but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create or improve solutions to solve everyday problems. We all thoroughly enjoy trying new things through our 8th grade PLTW class.

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