Looking Into the Future of Media Tech


GTT or also known as Gateway To Technology is a class that you take in middle school that lets you explore three different pathways which are media tech, engineering, and bio-med. GTT is a class that leads you to decide what pathway you would like to take when you get to high school. It will lead you to decide what you want to focus on as a preparation for what you will want to study as a career. Engineering is basically more focused on designing,building, and remodeling,. Bio-Med is focused on health and science. Media Tech is a class that you learn how to film, edit movies, draw characters create blogs. A topic that me and my partner will talk more about is cyber bullying that falls under the category media tech.
Media tech is a pathway that you will start thinking of when you are going to enter high school and it will be your permanent decision but a good decision because media tech is a pathway that you can use photography, video making, and a way of “spreading out the word.”
It affects our daily lives today because once you take this pathway, you will know the art of appropriate photography, video-making, and how to do so many other stuff with technology.
Mediatech is involved in almost any job but if you do decide to focus on media tech to be your main career then try to look towards producing,librarian, computer labs officer, movie editor,etc. Any job you would like to take it doesn’t really all have to be directly to mediatech for example you can be a teacher and teach a class of media tech.
When you take this class, you will gain so many skills because (as mentioned before) in life you can become a really good photographer, or even a great typer. i don’t know but these skills will benefit in your everyday life so you will have more knowledge in your technology.
But overall media-tech is a really good pathway to chose if you like to videotape or if you like to edit videos too. I really think that media tech can help you socialize more and communicate over pictures and video’s and other things.Media tech is a good pathway to take because you never now when you might come along a situation when you will need the skills of media tech. Choosing media tech, biomed, or engineering will all be good pathways to choose but definately go towards the pathway that you are more passionate about.

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