Skateboard Monkey

Mayrin Silva

5th period



Failure is something that happens everyday. Failure helps you be better because you don’t do the same mistake twice. In our PLTW class we always fail in something but we always try to redo it because I know I can make it better. What I like about failures is that it makes us better persons or makes things way more better than it was before.

During this project I helped my group by being the illustrator manager. I liked to learn new stuff like computer and adobe illustrator. My group members were Jacky Ortega, Jazmin Martinez, and Vanessa Leija. They helped me in the adobe illustrator with the shape of the skateboard. It was easy to do because we had a picture of the skateboard so we just had to trace the shape and keep the shape in the computer. During that period of time we wanted to give up because none of us didn’t know how to use the adobe illustrator.

After that we finished our shape in the computer. We were ready to laser cut our board we just needed our wood. We had trouble in how many wood boards we needed and which kind of wood board. We had all the wood boards we needed. we were ready to laser cut. After we laser cut we needed to but the boards in order. We had to glue them together in the right order. It was actually really easy.

Then we had to know about which design to pick. The monkey in our skateboard was the design of Jazmin. We all liked it and we decided to use as our design. This was our process in this project. we had a lot of fun with this group.Skateboard_pltw2

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