It’s a common thing by Litzy Santana

A common thing in life is giving up, its always the easiest thing to do, just drop everything and move on with life It will maybe affect your grade; but not really your life. I honestly have felt like this several times and there always is a little voice in my head telling me to not give up, and most of the times I’m that I glad didn’t.
Not too long ago I was about to give up and forget it all, but I didnt. I was working on a group project in science class, we were creating a car out of recycled materials. My group members and I wanted to add some wings to our car so that way our car wouldn’t fall. Which would be a difficult task. We had our car and at first, we wanted pointing wings. We made them and tried them on and you could probably tell that it wasn’t going to work, which it didn’t. and for our luck we only had about 30 minutes to work in the car. I got really frustrated and wanted to quit and give up, and I did for 5 minutes. I sat down and told myself that we couldn’t do this and we should just give up but sadly, that wasnt an option. You would think that it would have been easier for me to get a bad grade and let the car fall. But thanks to the help of my teammates I was able to keep on going and I didn’t give up and at the end of the day we came up with some really rad wings.
From this experience, I learned that you can’t give up easily. That just because you think the first time it doesn’t come out as you wish, that doesn’t mean that will happen with your other tries. Keep on trying till you are happy with your result.

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