Failure at its Best

When I talk about what school I go to, to people who have never heard of ARS, I would say the word failure is said many times. My years at Ann Richards has been very hard per se. This year, I have come across many failures. There were times when I wanted to leave ARS. I felt hopeless and frustrated. But, I got through those bad days and kept pushing myself to succeed.

When I applied  to Ann Richards in 5th grade I wasn’t accepted. I was, honestly quite sad. I didn’t want to attend my home middle school. My 6th grade year I tried my best to keep my grades up. Then in the fall I re-applied to Ann Richards and got accepted. Even though I failed, I kept trying. I could’ve easily given up. This was one of the first times that I had kept trying and persevered. Usually, I just give up. I soon learned after coming to this school that I needed to keep going.

This year, in PLTW I can say that I’ve failed many times. I have had times when my project didn’t work and I wanted to throw it in the trash. For example, when we did the prosthetics module, and we couldn’t get the rope through it, I was very angry. I told my group members that it wasn’t going to work andleg that we should just give up. My group members encouraged me to keep going. I wouldn’t have been able to persevere through that if I hadn’t had people tell me to keep going.

As we are transitioning into our Kick Flip Failure project, I can already tell that I will get frustrated very easily. I’m not the person who usually keeps going. I love to give up. After realizing that failure is key to doing amazing things. No matter how many times I may fail, not even just in this project I will keep going, till I get it right.

-Nishi P.  

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