Almost, Kind of, Maybe? By Elly G.

Inevitably, we will all inherit some sort of failure through our journey called life. Through our struggles and guidelines we find success, which makes it appear that failure is a great step in becoming successful, although some may disagree, their point to argue is that their failure wasn’t great enough to notice, or acknowledge. But why, of all concepts we have to accept, does failure have to be the best to learn to live with?


After submitting an idea for our schools annual “Makerfaire”, my group and I progressed into building our project. Our idea was initially to create an Art Piece that was also an instrument. The first couple weeks within the time period we had to build our piece, was spent researching nodes, pitches and other different aspects within the world of sound. Another portion we had to finalize in our project was getting to know our way around the laser cutter and Adobe Illustrator. Once in our project, we had designed a prototype of the basic pieces that fit tIMAG0345-2ogether to make a replica the trunk of a tree. We put the piece of cardboard into the laser cutter and began our work. About halfway through the process, something that had failure written all over it had occurred.


My group and I had forgotten to turn on the ventilation system below the laser cutter. The cardboard was almost finished being cut when I noticed a fair amount of smoke coming from the bottom of the piece. I turned to one of my group members, McClain, who had way more experience with the laser cutter than I did. “Don’t you think that’s a lot of smoke?” I suggested. “No it’ll be fine.” she protested. About three seconds later a chunk of cardboard collapsed into flames. McClain ordered 2 group members to go get water, since conveniently there was none in the water bottle we usually use, while McClain tagged along and left without any explanation. After almost half of the piece was being swallowed by a small fire, I turned to notice the assistant principal sitting right behind me, interviewing and filming  2 of my peers. I was alone with a fire that could potentially burn down the school.


My group members returned with the water, and we silently removed the flaming piece from the machine without notice. Before any of us could do anything about the fire, Olga, another group member threw the flaming cardboard into a plastic trashcan. I panicked and threw all the water into the bin before any other mistakes could take place. The fire was out and nothing was damaged.


IMAG0525      Although we could have been responsible for a what could have been a disaster, we later learned the proper way to put out a lasered fire. In the end, it was a great mistake to make and we learned a lot from it. Without that hiccup in our project, we could have burned our final piece or any other product that wasn’t that easy to extinguish. I’m very glad to say we fell in our experience, but getting back up was the best part.

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