Puzzle Of A Chair

Briseyda Duran

After working on modules for a while we have decided to start on our maker project, we had some trouble in coming up with an idea that would help us and our community. We didn’t just want to do a normal chair we wanted to make something unique. When the idea of a double sided chair came to us, we weren’t really sure about how we would make it even more unique.

When Ms.Sauter came up with the idea of making a 3D printed chair we weren’t sure about how it was gonna come out and how we would make such of a chair in a small 3D printer, After Ms.Sauter mentioned that we could build every piece of the chair separately and then connect it together the idea was becoming much clearer and much easier to build. We still needed to design what the chair was going to look like we weren’t 100% sure that we still wanted to do a double sided chair because we didn’t have much time left to complete it.

In the end we decided to make a one sided 3D printed chair that might have some storage at the bottom to store things. We are gonna have to 3D print different parts of the chair every day and have the next design ready for the other day so we don’t waste time. When we have the chair or should i say parts of the chair we will put them together.

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