Justice by Clarisa Belman

Clarisa Belman

Hello my name is Clarisa and today I’m going to  tell you about my last module that I did. The last module that I did was construction & fabrication basics which are in the engineering pathway.

For the first module we had to do a tool sandwich. A tool sandwich is 2 pieces of wood together with tools in them to identify them. What we did first was fined 2 pieces of wood, and then put different screws in the wood; we also learned how to use different drills.

(This is an example of a tool sandwich)


The second challenge was to create a meaningful word out of recycle materials and put it anywhere around the school where people would see it. We started looking for a word that would have been meaningful, we decided to go to the haiku page and see the other words they have done. After looking at the words we decided to make the word Justice. We decided to pick justice because we thought it was a really meaningful word and that people can relate to it. The next step was the materials. How would we create the word out of recycle materials? It took us a while to figure out, but we got it’s a group we decided to go and find recycle wood that we could use. When we found wood we decided to cut it in little circles, put them together to create the letters. We were 4 group members we divided and choose 2-3 letters each. We used a saw to cut the wood; after we were done we glued it with the glue gun. We left it to sit and dry; when it was dry we painted the latters the color we wanted.

We glued the letter together to a big piece of wood and we decided that we should put our word in the front office because a lot of people could see it and remember that the word justice is really meaningful. We had a lot of fun creating this module we learn how to use new tools and all the process was fun. I really enjoy sharing what we made with other people.

(Picture of our module)

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