Maker Faire Ready!

What is maker faire?

Maker fair is when people from Austin come together for this fair where we show each others invention and talk about how you make it and even try it out! Make o Rama is where our school get to see the inventions that we make. Make o Rama is on April 24 so that means we only have about a total of 4 weeks left to make out maker project. Let’s get started!

What is a maker fair project?

A maker fair project is when you invent something that hasn’t been invented yet. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a new invention, you can also renovate it. For example, in the beginning of the maker faire processes Ms. Sauter told us to come up with an idea for the maker faire. My original idea was to build a dog purse but to make it comfortable for the dog. My invention was basically renovating a dog purse but all I was doing was trying to make it better for the dogs.

What is my maker project?

I am working with a group of 3 people. Yoselin, Karla R, and I are making a HUGE spin art machine. This idea came from Yoselin. I wanted to join her group because I saw how interesting it seemed and how fun it would be if we made it. When we came together our minds combine and had huge ideas like to make sure it was safe for little kids to use, or to what the size it was going to be, but once we got settled in everything came to together like pieces from a puzzle.

My thoughts and experiences about maker project.

I am super grateful to have this group because we make the best group ever. When we first got started we notice that we had a lot to think about. Like how big the box was going to be, or what motor are we going to use, and what wood should we get to make are huge spin art machine. We called and emailed lots of companies to see what type of motor they were using and finally, after we got fed up that they didn’t answer our emails back we decided to call them instead. The first company we called was super rude to us. They were acting like we were 5 year olds that was playing with play dough. When we asked them what type of motor they were using that answered us in a very negative tone that made us very upset with them. Once we got off the phone we decided to email another person that Ms. Sauter had recommended us. He replied to us very nicely and quickly that we were so excited to meet him. We original scheduled to meet him on a thursday but sadly, there wa bad weather and school was canceled for the day. When we came back from school we were super upset that we couldn’t have a meeting with him. We had so many questions to ask him but sure enough, the weather had to go horribly bad. When we came back as we entered the classroom my teammates and I were wondering why there were random people here. When they finally introduce themselves I get super excited bc wise they were here to help us with our maker faire project. There was this really now guy who helped us ALOT. and I actually do mean ALOT. He helped us figure or what our motor was going to be (box fan) and how we could put the motor into our box. Then he helped us by showing us how to find how many inches the motor can be so when we spin it it won’t go hiring every single Corner of the box. We even used math to do this. Finally now we have an idea of what we can do and we were super grateful of him to helping us with our project.

Why should we try Making an invention?IMG_3252

The truth is, I love this project! I am super excited to see the final results. I think we all should make our own little inventions because it helps you understand how everything works and once you understand that you can put on creativity and imagination and mix it all together and I will make a super great project. I am super glad that we had this opportunity to make our own invention as if we have this opportunity next year I will so totally take it.              By: Ariela V

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