Bio medical

Elyssa J. Castillo
7th period
Bio Medical

The Prosthetic leg was one of the modules that we did in Bio med. I’m writing about this module because I want to be in the medical world. I want to major in bio med. But the module that I did was to build a prosthetic leg, we were trying to build a leg that is comfortable for a person to use.

I think being in the medical field would be really cool. And my mom is a nurse so I would kind of fall into her footsteps. And doctors tend to make a good amount of money. Plus my family wants me to be a doctor. But in bio medical we get to deal with medicine, like we kind of just kind of figure out what can be out into medicine and what it helps.

To be honest I really find an interest in bio medical. It just seems so interesting, and you get to learn about the human body and how it works etc. People think it can be gross but I like it and find an interest in it. If you really think about it…it sounds pretty cool. You might think not but still it’s pretty cool.

I hope to become a doctor one day and save a person’s life. I know I will get there one day if I just believe in myself. It will be hard, and I know that there will be obstacles on my way there, but who doesn’t have obstacles? I will get there, and I know I can.

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