Birdhouse module by Lucero Puente

The module that my group and I(Catalina, Prisila, Xochitl, and me)decided to do for these 4th 6 weeks is the Construction and Fabrication Basics module located under the Engineering modules tab on Haiku. What we had to do for challenge one in this module was to cut two pieces of wood out using a saw, then we had to sand the edges until it was smooth. We had to put the two pieces of wood together and clamp them together, and then hammer in only one nail. Afterwards, we had to leave the wood clamped together and drill one countersink screw and one roundhead screw using an impact drill/driver and phillips head bit, then drill a hole into the two pieces of the wood and put one washer on a hex bolt and insert it into the hole, but there were not any of those materials so we didn’t use those things(and we had to do other things with them too, but there weren’t any washers.) We had to label the nails and screws and everything else with a Sharpie, then we had to take a picture of the “sandwich” and turn it into Haiku. For extra credit, we could have someone take a picture of ourselves using a tool on our “sandwich” and then turn it in too.

For challenge two, we had to design a birdhouse. We wanted to make a two story birdhouse but sadly we could not so we had to make a normal birdhouse. We designed our birdhouse to be a vertical rectangle with a hole in the middle big enough for a cardinal(this was designed to be for a cardinal.) We made a little side thing for the birdhouse, but in order to do this, first we had to choose what we had to use for the birdhouse. We used wood, and we chose measurements and then measured the wood to be 9 inches by 6 inches. The side thing would be 4 inches to the side, 4 inches tall, and the 2 inches to each side.

After that, we had to glue them together, and what we did was glue the birdhouse together and then we clamped the birdhouse to the sides together so overnight it could dry for the next day. Sadly, we did not have enough time to be able to paint the birdhouse but me and my partners were still happy that we finished and we were glad with the results of the birdhouse. It came out really good, but if we had enough time to paint it, then it could have been better. This module was really fun and I had a great and fun time in this module.

-Lucero Puente

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