Build Time!


For the first time I have experienced building, and it is difficult. I have recently done the structure and fabrication basics module, where you have to cut a 2 by 6 (inch) piece of wood and screw screws into it. I didn’t expect it to be so difficult. I had a hard time hammering a simple nail into the wood. It was even more frustrating to have to make a hole in the wood and accidentally make it the wrong size.

Displaying image.jpg

Above is the picture of my wood sandwich, which isn’t very tasty. I had fun using the impact driver and the drill, but I found it hard to hammer in the nail. I was supposed to take a selfie with my sandwich, but sadly my selfie taking skills aren’t where I’d like them to be.

The next step to this module is to make a bird house. I’m not looking forward to having to nail the wood together, but I have to be optimistic or I won’t get anything done. I am looking forward to making something with my own hands, and getting to see the outcome.

Image result for basic birdhouse

We plan on our birdhouse to look like this, but with two floors! I’m excited to see how it turns out, and what kind of birds like to live in the house.

~Elayna Middleton

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