Modules Influences

By Melanie Arce

(7th period)

In PLTW we choose modules that are either in the biomedical, engineering, or media tech pathways. We do modules to see what pathways fit us for our high school year. Having these modules really helped me and I got to find the pathway that fits me, that pathway is biomedical.

I had a debate between myself if I wanted to do engineering or biomedical but I knew right away after doing modules under the biomedical, that pathway was right for me. When I grow up I want to be a nurse, surgeon, or a forensic scientist. All of these major mostly fitted under the biomedical field.

If I were to choose engineering as my pathway, I would have been interested in technology for like phones, laptops, and etc. Basically my job would to be involved in like in Apple, Intel, Samsung, or etc. I would of have also been interested in interior designing and designing houses, that og have been a cool job to work within.

Having these modules really helped me choose my right pathway. Having these modules helped me gain knowledge and I got to have a perspective of each pathway which helped me a lot. Also the reflections and quizes after each module helped me because when taking the quiz, I got to see how much knowledge I gain and which module I should. The reflections helped me reflect over the module and pathway, it helped me think if I were to choose this pathway then what would I do it with the knowledge of this pathway.

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