Feminine Anatomy, Independence, and a Recipe For Disaster (by Avery)

I’m not sure where to begin.

Actually, yes I do. Part one:

A while ago I actually finished my birdhouse after a lot of hard work. Because I had recently changed classes due to not being that great at math after all (it’s a long story) I had to pick up in the middle of a module. No one else was doing mine in the new class (isn’t that always the case?) so I, being the STRONG independent young woman I am, took on the project by myself.

This was a bad idea.

Number one, a birdhouse requires lots of work. There is the matter of the saws, the brad nailer, the glue, and the paint. Oh, and don’t forget planning, the design matrix, and the statement. Not that I’m complaining. It was a great experience, really.

Part two:

I might have mentioned in previous posts that I had completed the CAD module with much success and anticipated a 3d printing module. Actually, I didn’t mention this at all in any blog posts, but I did do this. To cut to the chase, there is now a 3d printing module, and I was ready. One problem.

No one in my new class had done the CAD module yet.

But again, I tried to be a STRONG independent young woman and did it by myself. I was required to think up ten ideas, and on the fourth one, I suddenly had an idea. A heart. A human, anatomically correct, non-working, heart. And then I thought, well, why don’t I make another body part? And for some reason, the first thing I thought of was a uterus.

Yes. A uterus.

The whole uterus idea seemed like a good idea, until it took multiple weeks, frustration, failing grades, and overall struggle. What went in:


What went out:


But it was fun.

-Avery :3

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