Want To Be On Top(ographic)? by Khammila S.

Recently in PLTW, we have been trying to incorporate adobe illustrator and the laser printer into our projects. For this assignment we combined our project in Science (Year 3000) with PLTW. Year 3000 is where we were assigned different cities around the world and we had to research its climate, weather, land features…etc. and then create a blog about it.  So, our whole grade created topographic maps.

A topographic map is a map that shows natural and manmade features using contour lines. Honestly, it was pretty fun and easy, also they all looked really cool. All we had to do was trace the contour lines, send the sketches to the laser printer, put it together and wala you’ve got yourself a legit-looking topographic map. All the maps were then put up in our art hallway for all to see.

my topographic map

my topographic map

Making topographic maps helped me to get a little bit closer to deciding what I want to do for the maker project. The maker project is a project where we create something using all the skills we’ve learned from PLTW and then present them at the Maker Faire in April. I’m still struggling with all the different possibilities but, at least I know for sure that using the laser printer would be very helpful when cutting out precise shapes and designs.

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