Mixed Feelings About The Way I Wanna Go by: Alex Coxe

Media Tech isnt quite what I thought it’d be. We recently just had our pathway visits and to be honest, between the visits and the modules we’ve done throughout the year, I’m still undecided. I’m stuck between the Biomedical Pathway and Media Tech Pathway.


I have recently done the Videography Module and I enjoyed learning the process of learning how to use a handheld camera recorder. I was seriously interested in the Media Tech Pathway so I had decided to do a couple of the Media Tech Modules and they were fun but I just wasn’t having a wonderful time as I was when I was doing Biomed Modules.


From a young age I was very interested in the medical field. When I came into middle school, I had my heart set on becoming one of four things: a therapist for young kids, a nurse at a children’s hospital, a physiologist, or a physical therapist. Those are things that really do interest me and I can see myself doing in the future after going to college and getting settled.


So with that in mind, I finished all of the Biomedical Modules and I had a grand of a time doing them. I learned a lot about the medical field and had became even more interested in this. I had gotten challenged by a couple of the modules but that just made it even more fun. But when I was thinking about my future on pathway night something came into mind.


Austin is becoming a music and film city. So most likely when i’m out of college and ready to settle down on a job, Austin will have become a  music and film industry city. With that in the back of my mind, Media Tech was calling my name for my future’s benefit. But then I had thought, “Was I gonna be happy in media Tech? Is this really what I wanna do?” Like yeah it’ll be a great skill to have in my future and for myself but being in the medical field really does sound better for myself personally. (Plus a registered nurse on average salary is about $68,910, which is a lot compared to other things I could do.)


And when it came time for choice sheets and when I had to decide on a pathway, I put.. Biomed as my number one choice. It just seemed like the pathway I would enjoy and benefit from for my future. After all the modules we have done in PLTW, Biomed had definitely, made up my mind for high school and for my future.

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