Intro to Photography/ Topographic Map

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The module I did this six weeks was Intro To Photography. We learned how to make a Pinhole Camera and take a picture with it!! It was actually suprisingly easy. All we did was make a cardboard box and we had to make sure absolutely no light was shining through. We then made a hole in it out of a thumbtack so it would be really tiny. When we were ready we put a piece of white picture paper in it and set it infront of something outside and let it sit for like a couple of minutes. We later developed the picture and it actually turned out really good! We took a picture of a flower and it was so pretty!


This six weeks we were also working on topographic maps. I love doing these because working on the lazer cutter is so cool! We are finding topographic maps of our country online and then tracing them in Illustrator which does take a really long time but in the end it all pays off! We have to really use a lot of teamwork in this project because everybody has to do their part in order to get the project done. We also have to use time management because we have to cordinate our maps with our project in science so if we are late then the project won’t get finished.


I loved my group this six weeks because we all work so well together. Even though this project is hard we make it fun, but we still make sure we get out work done. We’ve had some struggles because we lost our project online but we got over the obstacle and just made a new one! It was very stressful but in the end our hard work payed off and we had a finished topographic map that was so cool!! I hope we can do something like this project again in the future because I love working with the lazer cutter and the group I was in!!

-Maddie Irwin


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