Turning Simple into Extraordinary

Raymya Hardeman 

“I know building can be hard for some, trust me it was hard for me.”

The module I did was mechanical systems. Mechanical Systems was a module where you had to be creative while learning about gears and what makes them work. For this module I had to choose between three things to make using gears an egg beater, something that can slice a piece food, or turn three separate skewers over a flame. I chose to create and egg beater and with this I learned so much.

Starting off this project was hard because at first I had no prior knowledge to how gears worked and the info about it. I didn’t have a robotics background so it was hard and I wasn’t getting how to make it. So I looked deeper and thought harder and as hard as I thought it was it really wasn’t.

To start this challenge I had to build a gear to see exactly how it works,but once you know how the gears work and how to build them everything else falls into place. So afterwards me and my partners Lily B., Lilly A., and Jazlyn came up with the ideas we decided to try out different ideas. At first not everything worked but after trial and error and gaining tips from others we decided on a complex and yet simple idea.

For the idea we created and egg beater using gears that also has good grips and you can also attach it onto a table or strong platform.

When I finished this project I had a better understanding of what a torque is (a push or pull in a circular direction).  I also understood how the placement or the gears affects the motion and position.

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