3D Printed Holiday Cheer

In PLTW we are in the introduction for the module computer science. In computer science it’s all about your creations. For this project we needed to use the “little bits” computer programs. At first we had to write a venn diagram on our big white board. The way we labeled the venn diagram was simple and complex computers. Things we labeled were camera, television, 3D printer, calculators, keyboards, landlines, etc. Then we handed the assignment in on the Haiku Learning page.
After we did that we looked at our next assignment which was to use the little bits to make an invention that you and your group decided. So me and my group pulled out the box of little bits and looked at the little booklet that told us how to create different things with the little bits. So from there on we started to brainstorm different ideas.
The idea we came up with at first was a night light out of construction paper,but it didn’t work out very well. Then we tried to make it bigger but that didn’t work either. So then we thought of a christmas tree since the holiday’s are coming up. After we finished making our christmas tree we posted it on the ARS instagram account.


At our school we have this program called Hour of Code and what we do is we created animation christmas cards and animations with our names spelt out. Now we are deciding what we want to do for our maker projects. So I’m thinking of making an invention that uses our laser cutter in our class it just seems like a fun idea. The thing that I didn’t like was when I was little I could come up with the best ideas for inventions and wonder why no one had thought of them yet but I guess the thing is the older you get the more complicated it gets because you have to worry more about the effects that your invention might cause the good or bad , the the budgets, etc. When I was a kid I thought you could do whatever ,stick with it and ask a ,magic fairy to help me make it. Something I am looking forward to is the maker project and we are making these little wood ornament things on illustrator but I am really excited!

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