Engineering- Upcycling

   Engineering- Upcycling

Hello. This is Lily B. here to tell you about my experience with upcycling.

Our group started off with making our upcycled word saying “c’est la vie”- French for thats just life, but later realized that our upcycling word is supposed to describe an Ann Richards Girl. Thankfully our group wasn’t too far into our module, only completing the “a” of “c’est la vie”, we were able to immediately change it to ARS. Although we endured a set-back we were able to complete an awesome, upcycled project.

Materials Used:

  • plywood
  • cut-up CD pieces
  • paint
  • nails
  • paint
  • covered cork material
  • wood glue
  • band saw


i believe our biggest challenge was maneuvering the band saw to create the shape an “s”. To make this process easier we chose to cut lines into the sharpie outline of the  “s”. then twist the wood to create cures and later sanded the serrated edges. the second challenge was arranging the nails perfectly from each other. Since we were all too lazy to get a ruler to do this we used a piece of string, which worked, but could’ve been easier had we used a ruler. The last challenge was tying the string around the nails.  since we were using different colors we had to tie the next color to the old, and many times the string would untie, so in conclusion i’d say this module takes patients.

Maker Faire Connection:

this module really inspires ideas for our upcoming makersfair. It encourages things like thinking outside of the box and creating things with electric saws, along with more complicated/intricate designs.

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