Videography             Written by: Zoe Renteria

This six weeks my team and I chose to do the module videography which is excelling our skills in the pathway MediaTech. I was very happy to be going back to that pathway because I really enjoyed working with the Macs and being able to branch out creativity. In this module we had to create a video based on what we thought our mission statement means to us as Ann Richards girls. Throughout this process we shot in the best places around our school that we thought best represented our school, such as, the college center, library and many more. It was such a cool experience to see what we filmed be brought to life as we started to edit.


During this module we had to do a challenge on to get us prepared for our big challenge. A team members sister is majoring in the pathways mediaTech and she talked to us about the rule of thirds which really helped me in my challenge one. I had so much fun filming and editing our video, especially giving our own touch on it. After we put in our important content we thought that it would we add something more fun into it. While we were filming, I’m sure you can imagine that not every take was perfect; we had a lot of bloopers. So we thought why not add them, make everyone laugh. That was probably my favorite part; editing our video. I personally did a lot of the editing, so it was really fun adding music and backgrounds on the clips.


Doing this module our team learned a lot of valuable skills. We learned that when you’re taking a picture, it’s a lot more than just pressing the button; there is a technique and rules to taking a quality photograph or video. On our challenge two, we learned a lot about working with a camcorder and iMovie. We really got to know and play around with the program. I think that these skills will be very useful in our lives if we ever need to create a video for school.

We all really enjoyed this project and can’t wait for the next, we are now confident as we continue to explore the media tech pathway. We have no doubts that if we ever need to construct another video we will be able to do it with excellence.

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