Project lead the way

By:Lucero M.

This year is almost coming to an end and I have learned a lot while being in Pltw. It has been fun doing modules and learning about media technology, engineering, and biomedical. I have worked hard and it has all paid off because I have learned a lot, I’m still not sure on what pathway I want to take but I’ll keep learning and when the time comes I’ll know what I want to do. For now I’m hoping this upcoming year I’ll learn even more not doing modules but a maker project. I’m excited because I will be able to create something of my own and I’ll learn even more about the process of creating something new.

This class has really helped me develop new skills. I’m not sure if every middle school has this class but I hope they do because this class will help students develop new skills and help them decide what pathway they would want to take. Not only is this class great but if you have a great teacher like I do to guide you through every step of the way I’m sure you will find which pathway was meant for you. This class was created to help students learn about the different pathways and to be created and think outside the box and thats what I have been doing, it has been great being in this class and I can gladly say this is one of my favorite classes.

Since I have been in this class it’s has been a little challenging because this class is not like other classes, all of our work is in the computer and it has been fun having this new experience and I’m ready to learn more and have fun. I’m excited for this upcoming year, it will be great because I’ll have fun creating my maker project.


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