Something New. By: Anjelica Arias

Recently I did a engineering module with my group members, and it was probably my favorite module I have done so far. Personally, I don’t like engineering or having to design something because I will tend to not like it when it’s permanently the way that I wanted it and I would either restart it or I will take it apart and have it look really bad with the way that I want it.


I think that the Construction and Fabrication Basics module that I did changed that, for this module we were building something, and I love building things, even though I don’t see me doing anything that deals with engineering in the future, and building is a part of what engineering is. For the first part of the challenge, that you do independently, was to put two pieces of wood together with different types of screws, and you had to put the screws and nails in with hammers and screw drive. I really enjoyed that, and finding different ways to put the screws and nails in, which was entitled ‘Wood Sandwich’

Featured imageFeatured image

The second challenge was with your group and you had to build a birdhouse. My group decided to make a birdhouse for a sparrow, and we went for a pretty modern design. In the process of making the birdhouse we had to cut wood with specific saws that at first looked really scary, but once you used them it was really easy and fun to use them.


We also used wood glue to piece the birdhouse together and to keep them in place we used clamps and let that dry for a while. Once it was done drying, we were able to spray paint it and after that I pretty much fell in love with the birdhouse.


Featured imageIt felt different than when I first did the engineering module which was to make a bridge out of toothpicks and string. I felt like that one took more time and wasn’t as effective as the birdhouse was. With the bridge I really didn’t use anything that I have never used yet and didn’t have the full experience that I wanted with the engineering module.


But with the birdhouse and wood sandwich it was more of something that I wouldn’t have used on a regular basis or something that I am really familiar with. It was something new, something that I really liked out of the engineering challenges. It was more hands on, and for me I am all about hands on things, like hands on learning and hands on projects like building the birdhouse for example.


Even though I really did enjoy doing the birdhouse, I don’t think that engineering is something for me and something that I would want to do. It was a fun process and I would look forward to doing something similar to that again.

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