PLTW 2014 process

PLTW fun 2014 process    –   Emelyn Macias

8th period PLTW


PLTW is one of those classes that brighten up my days. PLTW has been pretty challenging because I’m still not sure what I like, but PLTW has taught me what i’m interested and how to solve problems, For pltw we do modules and they are in categories by the pathway such as Media Tech, Engineering,and Biomed. Since we’re in 8th grade we choose until 9th grader year for high school. I’ve only done Biomed, and Media Tech, I’ve loved both them so far but I haven’t done engineering  for a reason, I’m not looking forward to it for some reason because I don’t like building and engineering  so that’s why I didn’t do engineering. Bio med and media tech has been a really fun experience for me because I’m trying new stuff and I work well with my partners, which really helped me out what I want to do for my pathway

One of the recent modules i’ve done is Mediatech and for media tech we had to film our school, so we took a camera and filmed the school and added some cool effects and edited our video. It was pretty cool seeing how technology has got bigger and how it helps so much. I loved media tech, I first thought it was going to be pretty hard, but I wanted to try something new and I continued more of the modules and it was pretty cool. I love how PLTW has taught me what I really like, and what path way to do. Maybe I do get time I’ll try engeneering if I time for another module

(link for the tour of ARS- Mediatech) In this video we did this for a module that we had to film our school and use the rule of thirds in order to record different angles of the school. The rule of thirds and filing has been super fun, filming has been really interesting.

The materials we used were;

  • camera
  • apple computer
  • -imovie ( for editing )

We only used this and it was such a fun experience. Having PLTW in the Ann Richards Department is such a really big privilege because I can honestly say that PLTW is the best class ever because i’m always learning new things and ways to get better with my mistakes.


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