Modules by: Hope Calderon

In our GTT (Gateway To Technology) class, our main focus is to teach the students what each pathway is, what it is about, and to be creative and think out of the box.

The three pathways they offer here at ARS are Biomedical Science, Media Tech and Engineering. In our GTT class they give us an idea of what each pathway is by giving us modules. Modules are these little projects that take about two weeks to complete. In these two weeks, we choose a new module we haven’t done yet and then we usually do one independent challenge, one group challenge, a quiz and a reflection. I know this may sound like very little work, but this is actually a lot of hard work. From each of our challenges we learn something new, something we didn’t know. With these new skills we can use them in our daily lives.

For the three pathways we offer here at ARS, which are Biomedical Science, Media Tech, and Engineering, we have plenty of modules for each. For our Biomedical Science pathway we offer an Intro to Biomedical Science, Simulation Applications In Medicine and Prosthetics. For our Media Tech pathway we offer modules for Intro to Media Tech, Blogging, Videography, Intro to Photography, and Screen Printing. For our last Pathway, Engineering we offer modules for Mechanical Systems, Computer Automated Drafting, Construction & Fabrication Basics, and Computer Science.

So far I have done all of the Media Tech Modules and I have enjoyed each and everyone even though some were hard. My favorite Media Tech module was the Videography. In the Videography we made a video with a group member saying our mission statement in the background and we made a short video about the Ann Richards School and our Mission statement. I have learned that even though things look easy, they could be the hardest thing you do, to always try your hardest even when it’s not for a grade and to enjoy everything you do. Thanks for reading! I hope y’all really enjoy the pathways next year!(:

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