Engineering Module by Sophia N.

I’m in this amazing program called GTT; stands for Gateway to Technology, in this program students make projects or in this case modules to see what pathways would we be interested on going for high school. I have been through a lot of modules in exciting group members and to be honest, my last module was the best of them all.

Module 6 was the last module I did and it was about Engineering. Specified engineering is that we were working on construction and fabrication, and we learned about tools and how to use them. We took a quiz about the new tools we learned and I aced it. Our group was finished with the quiz that was about our module and we all passed it with great grades; they all knew there tools. After we learned the tools to use, we got to use them for our project. Our project was to build a birdhouse and learn how we created the birdhouse. We started off by designing our product and listing what we needed to create it with, it was our design brief so our imagination was spread into paper. Once we did that, we learned how to use the most dangerous tools I’ve ever used in my life, it was a sewing machine. They were all sawing machines and they teached us all about how it was constructed to be safe. It was easy to saw and all that but when you start something new it just makes you think of all the negative things that could happen, and so I just went right to it and didn’t have any problems. Of course other members in my group had to at least try sawing and they all got an equal amount of doing something new. All that cutting was for our woods to be in perfect measurements for our birdhouse, like we arranged them in our design brief. Keep in mind that this work was going progress in different days, the progress wasn’t really all done in one day but we hurried to get things done and just be ready to turn everything in. When we finally got all of our woods for the birdhouse, we now had to put them all together for it to look like a birdhouse. It all seemed great and with tight edges and everything was put together greatly. It didn’t seem really pretty because it was just wood shaped as a birdhouse, and so it had to be painted for it to look creative. I was really not into painting the wood with splinters coming out, and so I was the member that wanted something smooth, so I used a sandpaper to smooth what I could. Finally, we could paint the birdhouse, but what I really liked is how we all got our favorite colors and put them in our product, that was the best part knowing that we all created something useful and pretty. After a few days, the paint was dry and it all looked perfect, now we just need to reflect what we did and think of the great memories building a product for someone who needs it to have a family in it; the birds! So they won’t have to do all that work to make a house for them, when we can make one that everyone would enjoy; the inventors and the birds. Now, someone in our group member had to keep it, and I was sure I wouldn’t use it a lot but the rest of my group thought it was magnificent to have it for them. And I never found out who kept something new that we created in our lives.

~Sophia Niave

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