Simple computer coding

     Recently, in PLTW, we all tried something new. Usually we complete a module of our choice with a group every two weeks, but this time, we did something completely different. At the beginning of the week, I kept hearing things about the “ARS hour of code”, and how we would be learning how to do computer coding at least twice.

     When I first heard about it, I assumed that it would be complicated, boring, and kind of unimportant. Once we got to class, our teacher, Mrs. Sauter walked us through how to get started and introduced us to how things worked, as I slowly noticed how simple and fun it looked, I became excited.

     I spent an hour customize a name animation, and it was one of the coolest things we’ve learned so far. What made it even better was knowing that the coding program we used, scratch, doesn’t require any special software or prior skills.

     I then thought about how computer coding really is important to the society we live in. Technology is a huge part of the way people live today. Most everything is done through social media or some sort of computer software. It really does help to know what the little things we do at ARS now will help later down the road. I think that everything we do really does help us get prepared for  college, and eventually we all as a generation will change the world.

By: Samaria Shearrod

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