A Railroad To The Future

By Bella Roberts

As the semester is coming to an end, I am wrapping up my computer science module that I have been working on with my group for a couple of weeks. This module has been hard work but really enjoyable at the same time. In this module we had to design and construct an object that would be programed and powered by a battery and devices called Little Bits. This process took some time but I am very happy with the outcome that my group and I came up with.

As I continue to learn new things and experience amazing developments in PLTW, I find myself coming back to the task and challenge of time management. Personally, I have struggled with this skill and I am still working on it, but overall it is important to help make our modules with the best quality work. That is why during this module we tried to focus on communicating well and not getting behind. In the end, we were pretty successful but there is room for improvement and I hope to start that improvement in future modules or even my maker project.

The object that my group and I made to be powered by Little Bits was a train that was made by using a laser cutter. This brings me to another cool part of the computer science module-using the laser cutter. To me, the laser cutter is a very cool tool, and I look forward to using it in the future. I think it is very interesting the way it cuts so well on all types of materials and it helped us greatly with our module.

Throughout the module, I felt like I was always solving problems or collaborating with my team members on something. I think that it was a good thing and it helped us to make our project better. It also made me realize about what Project Lead The Way is really about and how learning how to solve problems in a technological and STEM related worlds is important and it will help us in the future.

A picture of our train from the side.

A picture of our train from the side.

photo 3

A front view of our train.

photo 5

Our train showing the Little Bits.

Overall, this module taught me a lot and all of the things I learned, I hope to contribute to my future challenges and endeavors in the wide world PLTW.

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