MediaTech Module

By Kayla Zinsmeyer

Recently, my group and I completed the Media Tech module. The entire experience was completely foreign to me, mostly because I have never been overly interested in the technical side of things before. Since there wasn’t any interest to begin with, I never went out of my way to try it out. However, my group insisted that we at least try it out. Obviously, I eventually agreed and I began my force-fed Media Tech experience. Looking back now, I’m really glad I did, even if we had a bit of a rocky start. There were two things in particular that I found especially interesting: The idea process, and the actual filming.

The process of coming up with the idea for our project (a projector phone) was realised in a round-about way. We had been stuck on this step for a while, occasionally throwing out ideas, but nothing was really catching our attention. Eventually, as they often do, our conversations became off topic. However this conversations that would typically be considered out of place, ended up giving us the idea for the project. One of my group members, Bonnie, recently got the new iphone 6 and we were discussing it and what new features would come out with the iphone 7 in the upcoming years. This is when we came up with the idea for a projector phone. Since we had all been discussing it moments before, it was the obvious choice.

Filming was a very unique experience for me. My group decided to divide the roles, I was the camera-man, Bonnie was on cue cards, and Izzy was our spokesperson. Like I mentioned before, I have never been interested in most media tech activities, but i thought using the camera was actually pretty fun. I rarely use cameras stronger than the one on my phone, so it was very different than what I was used to.

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