The New PLTW

By Hope Calderon

What exactly is PLTW?

PLTW is one of our many classes here at ARS. PLTW stands for Project Lead The Way. Project Lead The Way is a class that has provided us the advantage of giving us an idea of what pathways we could choose to do in High School. The pathways that are offered here at ARS are BioMedical Science, Media Tech, and Engineering.


This new school year, ARS staff and students came up with this idea of having a Makerspace where we can have a classroom dedicated to making dreams come true. It all started with a dream and now it’s reality. We got the Makerspace started with a couple of grants from organizations who believed in us. They believed that they could help us make our dreams become reality. In the beginning of this school year we used our school library’s bio-room as a classroom. The bio-room was the average size, about as big as a classroom, but the unfortunate thing was that we didn’t have supplies. We didn’t have the supplies to do our projects (modules) with. Modules are these projects that we do, to get an idea of what that pathway would be like. So far I have been interested in the Media-Tech Pathway. For Media-Tech I have done the following modules: Intro to Media-Tech, Blogging, Intro to Photography, and I am currently doing Screen Printing. From these past modules that I have done, I have learned a ton of things. Some of the things I have learned are to let out your inner creativeness, to always work your hardest, to always look at the bright side of things and to never give up! This class is very challenging but it’s amazing!

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