Photography has much more to it than you’d expect. The cameras nowadays are just a click or a snap away, then you’ve got a picture. In the past, you had to do a lot of things to get a photo, much less a decent one. For example, the pinhole camera. The pinhole camera works by the light from outside coming into this small hole into a dark space, and the image appears in the back of the dark space. In class I had made a pinhole camera with a group, and the steps seemed simple, but weren’t. All we had to do was take a pringles can, make it completely dark inside, make a hole at the bottom (two holes actually, one large and one small) put some special photographic paper, and take the photo. Taking the photo was just exposing the photographic paper to the light. Lastly we had to dip the photo in some chemicals to make the picture stay on. I never realized how many different ways there was to taking photos.

What I am currently working on is screen printing. This is when you take a drawing and put it on tee shirts, posters, anything really. The first step was coming up with what you wanted to print. We chose to do a design of a walkie-talkie saying “I got you bro”. We chose this to show how we rely on technology. Once you’ve chosen a design, you have to print it onto transparent paper. Next you have to get a screen, cover one side in emulsion. After coating it, we had to put the screens in a dark place to dry. So far, these are the only steps we have gotten to, but I can share the next steps also. Next, you put the transparency on top of the screen. expose the screen for a while(about 3-4 minutes). Next you wash out the emulsion, and see if the picture turned out right. You can tell by being able to see the design imprint on the screen easily. Lastly, put the screen on your choice of object (we are doing tee shirts) and slide inc across the surface lightly once, then again applying pressure. Tada! You’ve got your very own tee shirt! I am really excited to see how my tee shirt comes out, and hopefully I can wear it over and over again.



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