Prosthetic Module

I enjoyed working on the Prosthetics Module because it was fun and difficult at the same time. The main idea of the Prosthetics Module was to build a better and comfortable prosthetic leg for people with amputated legs. We are doing this to have an idea of what  kind of pathway we want to have when we are in High School.

The Prosthetics Module was very difficult because I had to be patient and very open-minded. We used hard cardboard for the leg and another piece of cardboard for the foot. At first, we thought it was going to work out, but after trying it, the cardboard foot bent and of course, we couldn’t use it anymore. Instead, we used a piece of wood for the foot so it would be more stable and added some ropes too so you could attach it to yourself.

I enjoyed this module because we were very open-minded and we actually had the opportunity to build a prosthetic leg and even though we failed many times we didn’t give up and we gave our best.

BY: Sara Vilamizar

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