Computer Automated Drafting!

Everyone loves a comeback.

I’m back, hi! Right now I’m doing the (pretty awesome) Computer Automated Drafting Module. Sounds fancy, and kind of is. We’re doing technical drawings and working with everyone’s favourite program, Autodesk Inventor. When we were all in 7th grade, we used Inventor a lot. Now we’re getting back on, and I have forgotten a lot about how it works. It’s very nostalgic.

Also, Inventor is only on the laptops, which are few and far between. It’s rather annoying, as everyone loves the laptops and will make a mad dash to get one. It doesn’t matter if you need it. You want the laptop, you get the laptop. First come first serve.

The CAD module should be a quick one. Some of the girls in my group are already finished with it. I’m not because I needed to get caught up, and that’s because I’m failing the class, alas. But I’ll come up. I can do it. The power is within me!

But anyways, things are looking up. There are no toothpicks to worry about, and that’s great, because those little rascals are never around when you need them. That sounded really weird. Sorry.

I’m not quite sure which module I want to do next… I’m leaning towards Photography, because I really want to screenprint. I want to make a T-Shirt! 😀

Bye for now, Avery :3

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