Biomedical Science of the Future by: Catalina Gonzalez

Hello Readers,
My name is Catalina and I would like to talk to you about the latest module I have explored in my PLTW class. That one would be Biomedical Science. I want to talk to you about this module it seems I have enjoyed working on it more than the Media Technology or the Engineering. The thing that most interested me about this module is how we got to use our imaginations to see what medicine would be like for the future.
Our assignment was to make a poster with what we thought medicine and machines would be like in the future. My group started thinking about what we could do and we noticed that all of us were thinking of movies we had seen and books we had read that take place in the future to get some ideas. I remember our first idea came from one of my group members. Her name is Bonnie and I remember she was thinking about how in the book The Giver by: Lois Lowry they used a sort of medicine giver that gave you the amount of medicine you needed. So she came up with something similar. Then our second idea came from me! I was thinking about a TV show I was watching this one time where a little boy needed a organ transplant but he had to wait years for the right one to appear. Since I know this happens in real life too I thought it would be helpful to have an organ printer that just prints out a working organ that is perfect for you. Then our third idea came from another group member, Zoë. She said she had come up with a drug tester that was installed in the steering wheel of a car. What this would do is that as soon as you get in a car the drug tester will see if you have any drugs or alcohol in your body. If the tester detects some then the car will lock and you will not be able to drive. We all thought that would be a great and helpful idea for everyone living in the world.
Once we got our ideas together we finished making the poster. But there was still something left, which was to make it interactive. We had that app our teacher had showed us called Aurasma and we decided we would add a realistic looking picture of what the machine would look like when a person would come and scan the pictures we drew.
We are all very proud of our finished product! We actually envisioned what medicine and machinery would look like in the future. I thought this was a very exciting project to do because it gives you a taste of what could happen with medical technology in the years to come.

Thank You for reading,
Catalina Gonzalez

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