Just a Tree

Well hello…

I’m going to be telling you about a tree.  It’s not even  all that special.  Its just  a tree  outside of our school looking into a window.  It’s not extremely old, but not very young either.  But it has probably been there since before Porter Middle School turned into Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders.  This tree has seen a school changed from just a regular school to an all girls school dedicated to making the next generation of women leaders.  This school has changed over the years, just like this tree.

From only 6th and 7th grade to 6th grade all the way to 12th grade.  Just as this tree has grown more branches with many smaller leaves.  Like all the teachers and all their students, is what I think.  Even after Ann Richards has graduating seniors.  For people just like me, Erin.  I come to school here and get to work in both of the labs like my fellow Ann Richards sisters.  the school is still continuing to improve.  For example PLTW(Project  Lead The Way) has changed loads.  Ann Richards PLTW now has a “clean” lab for generating ideas, equipped with computers, windows/whiteboards to show ideas, and  many tables to just sit and talk.  The room this lab is connected to is the “dirty” lab.  In that lab we have saws and the tools used to actually build what we’re making.  This lab will also have a garage door to bring what we build outside and vise versa.  In both of these labs we create all types of different things when given a task.  These tasks are called modules and we can pick which ones we do.  They are under three categories,  like the three pathways at Ann Richards, engineering, biomedical, and media tech. Under these modules you have many different modules that you can choose from.   Some modules you can do all in the “clean” lab, but some like engineering you need to work in the “dirty” lab.  Even though these labs are only used daily by

And out the windows of this “dirty” lab facing the parking lot, is a tree.   but as you know this was never really about the tree, was it?

By Erin Nolan

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