The Opportunities ofGTT

By: Selena Antunez, Luz Cruz, and Angelica Eduardo

GTT (PLTW) is a really cool class. GTT stands for Gateway To Technology (PLTW  stands for Project Lead The Way). This class is full of really cool opportunities and experiences. In this class we have the opportunities to build, work with tools, work with mechanical systems and robots, learn about media tech, and 3D print things. It’s really fun, and we know it is a great privilege to have this class, so we will take advantage of it!

Mechanical systems are things that make life really easier. In one of our modules we had to build mechanical systems. We used gears to build different mechanical systems. Modules are some projects our teacher has us do that are supposed to help us learn about different pathways. Pathways are something we are supposed to take in high school. We do modules in 8th so we can decide what pathway we want to take in high school. Mechanical systems are things that make life easier by reducing the amount of work you have to do.


One of the things that we do is work with tools and build objects. One of the fun tools that we are able to use are saws. We are going to use saws to make birdhouses. Many people in our class are enjoying this little project, and we’re most likely going to choose as our next module. The first thing that we had to do was make a bridge out of toothpicks, liquid glue, and string. When you think about it, its a really hard project to do if you can’t use tape or super glue. When we finished it we had to test it to see who’s bridge was stronger in the competition. Our bridge held 4,095.5 grams. After that Ms. Sauter, our PLTW teacher, will hang the bridges on a string by strongest to weakest.

Another project we did was to create a speaker for an iPhone. This project was supposed to teach us about the design process. In this module we were not graded on our final product, we were graded on how we used the design process.


Overall this class is really fun and we get to work on awesome project that we call modules, we also work with cool people that are really fun. These modules are full of new experiences and new skills that will eventually come in handy one day or another. I’ll say that this is one of my favorite classes just because of the amazing people in this class and the fun projects that we get to do. This class is full of opportunities that we won’t get an opportunity to do anywhere else.

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