The ARS Makerspacer!

Featured image

In the picture above, we can see a few ARS STARS working on their most recent module.

How is the ARS Makerspace going?:

WOW! We are almost done with the first two six weeks of this school year. I look back at the beginning of the first few days of school and I remember telling myself that I was not going to be capable of doing all the modules and products we had been assigned. Now that I have some experience, I know that I am capable of doing modules under 2 weeks. Overall, I really enjoy our ARS Makerspace. Not only does it allows us to have a very unique experience, it also impacts our future decisions when selecting our pathway.

What the ARS Makerspace is all about?

If you were ever to walk into our makerspace, you would see most of us working on different projects. Most of all, you would see every single one of us focus and always tackling our goals. Never would you walk in and see a STAR messing around or being unsafe in our makerspace environment. In other words, the Makerspace is a work hard, be safe, challenging zone. In order for someone to be able to be productive in that class, they have to go out of their comfort zone, be willing to face challenges, and always accept failure as an option.

Featured imageFeatured image

Here on the left picture we have Darby working on a bridge. To the right, we have Jacinda working on a model for a prosthetic leg.

How has the Makerspace helped me?

The ARS Makerspace has helped me expand my knowledge in media technology, biomedical science, and engineering. Also, I have learned to view a couple of real live examples of what a professional in that specific field goes through. Overall, I have learned to picture how the pathways we take can help us in our future careers.

Pros & Cons about our Makerspace. 



  • Something I really like about this class is that we don’t all have to do the same module.
  • With this being said, a few of us do eventually fall behind, or get ahead. We never seem to be going at the same pace.
  • We are allowed to let our creativity go crazy!
  • We can eventually face a few challenges based on the difficulty of our product.
  • We get to select our group members for our projects based on our interest.
  • We can face conflicts such as getting off-task and eventually getting off schedule.

 By: Yoselin R. 

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