One thing that all of us in this class enjoy is the freedom we get and the responsibility we have because of that. My favorite part is that our teacher trusts us to be able to do our work and not be a micromanager. It creates a really fun and easygoing environment to work in! PLTW is class where we get to create things, and its really nice to have freedom with what we create. We love being able to creatively express ourselves and not have to hold back with the usual restraints of a classroom.

Our teacher puts her trust in us to make sure we finish each of our modules on time. We almost always do- because we have that responsibility. The moment you walk into the room, you possess lots of responsibility. We are responsible for doing our work, keeping the space clean, and all of our equipment. Some people may think that we have a lot of rules, but it never feels like many. We always get to have an independent choice of what we want to do. It is our responsibility to make the right choice.

We have to be productive and efficient to complete our modules on time. We have to be mindful not to waste too much class time, making sure to balance fun with work. Our teacher trusts us to be able to do our work on time, without much help. Because she usually helping other people with module, we have to be careful with our time and stay focused. Some days this can be challenging, because you just want to not do work. But we always get everything done and on time, because that’s what we do!

The reason why we like being this environment is because we feel we have more choice and freedom, compared to if we had the typical-teacher led class. In this class Mrs. Sauter will just give us a due date for the challenge we are currently on, and leave us be until someone needs her help or she feels she needs to help. Compared to the other teacher lead classes we are required to take, this one is pretty much stress-free. With other classes, there are lots of due dates and stress. In this class, we can do it on our own time, and do it mainly in class, and not have any homework.

We have responsibility of everything PLTW. You name it: the classroom itself, everything in it; chairs, tables, books, supplies (etc). The most important objects to take care of are the materials and tools that are in the Makerspace. The Makerspace is an area for us students, and teachers, to create anything! We received a grant last year, and with that money, we created the Makerspace! At the end of this year, we have to have created something great, because thats what we promised to the granters. The granters knew that we were the destined students to spend their money well. We are the ones. We are the chosen! Hallelujah. If we please the granters, maybe they will give us money again, next year, for the next upcoming 8th graders. They will continue our “legacy”.

Overall, we like this class because we have responsibility. We know what we need to do, and so we do it. Having freedom makes this class so much better, being able to be independent. I think we take good care of the space, and we do our work. As long as we follow the rules and do our work, then we are good! – Georgia H., Araveea W., Yenifer D., Alyssa D. 🙂

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