The Biomedical Field: The Future Medical Technology

It all starts, with what you are interested in. There are a lot of different pathways you could choose from, there is media tech, engineering, and biomedical field. We have chosen the biomedical field because we were interested in learning about how medicine will progress in the next 150 years.


Through this design process we gather information about how medicine will change in the next 150 years. While researching  we learned how medicine will  change so we can live longer and healthier. As we were researching we learned that medical technology is developing  and as it does we will learn how medicine will help us in different ways.

As seen in this picture scientist that study physics and biology are coming up with better ideas on how to take medicine to the next level. For example scientists are coming up with nanorobots that will help cure diseases before birth. This is one of the many things that can be created in 150 years from now. Their purpose is to patrol our bodies and destroy diseases as they are forming. So that


we can have a much cleaner body without diseases, and preventing them to come back. This will help in the future because there won’t be as many people dying of that killer disease. That’s why nanorobots are being created to kill the disease cells that will prevent you from getting sick as well.


Further out scientists  will also create computerized brains. These computerized brains can upload our minds to a computer and live on in a digital form. These brains will be an artificial intelligence



controlled brain. Maybe these brains will be able to help some people with brain damage, so that they can live a better life.

IMG_20141017_081802This is a part of our poster that  shows the top killers and how we are trying to find a cure in the future. These top diseases had been the causes of many deaths in the past years. But now that the technology is getting more advance we will be finding ways to cure diseases. And by our research in the next 150 years all of these diseases could be long gone and will be things of the past. Once these diseases  will be long gone, we will no longer be worry of getting them and we could live longer.

In 150 years from now medicine will be better and it will help us, through this experiment we have learned that  many generations of medicine are going to be develop as time goes on we will get a lot better and it will cure more diseases. There are more things other than the things that we listed that will help make medicine better for future generations. But we still hope you enjoyed and learned more about medicine in the future.

Jennifer, Lucero, Jazmin, Brisi

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