The glass tablet


Evolution of the iPhone

Hi people! This is Almina and Aleeya here! So this first six weeks we a have learned a lot of things, even if we only did two modules, it seems like there is so much to learn;  in such a small amount of time. But the module that we felt the strongest for was the Media Tech module. Both of us like Media Tech, because we both enjoy animation and filming. While completing the media tech module we learned things about media tech that we never would have know before, like how social media is a form of media tech, because it allows people to get together all over the world through media.

When we started this module we had to think about what problem that we wanted to solve in the world, and we decided about the problem that tablets, phones, and computers keep getting bigger when they are supposed to be getting smaller and more efficient. While they are getting more efficient as their core processors get better, they are also getting bigger, for example the original iphone was 4.5 oz, while the new iphone 6.07 oz, that is a difference of 1.5 oz! Instead of weighing less it weighs more.

So our design is called The Glass Screen. It is comprised of a silicon, glass base which makes it both durable and see through. The inside is comprised of transparent, malleable microchips, giving it a clear appearance. It also featured curved knoches on the sides which enables it to be held onto easier. It is lightweight at 2 oz and works just as well as modern day electronics. We know the huge flaw in our design is that the technology used to create our design is still under development at the moment. But in a decade or so it might be possible and when it is, it will make a huge leap for technology development of the human race.

To submit our design we had to create a video in which we described the inspiration and the benefits of our design. The first thing that we had to do was create a storyboard which is kind of like a script, so that way we knew what to do as we made our video. While creating the storyboard we had to break the video up into individual scenes, this method is also used in the story making process of animation. When we were creating this we had a few disagreements over what we wanted to include and what we didn’t want in the video.  But we quickly came to an agreement that the two of us liked.

So overall we both really enjoyed this module. It was a good chance to explore our interests.



Almina \(*’(00)’)/ & Aleeya (=^•^=)

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