Kick Flip Failure

by Arianna Nunez

​This year in eighth grade was a very short but adventure filled. Being the guinea pigs this year with the maker space, had it’s ups and downs. This year we learned things we never thought we could do before. Like using tools, and making skateboards. But while learning new things, people can have their bad days, but the most important part of PLTW is being okay to fail.

​I know that with trying new things not everything is going to workout. I have had my fair share of make mistakes when trying new things in the maker space. When the maker faire at our school started, students in the PLTW had to come up with a certain project. So, my partner and I decided to make a wooden speaker. We developed our plan and got to constructing . We had to use a jigsaw tool. At first I had the hang of it. But one day other teachers from other schools are visiting our class, I had to use the jigsaw.

​I started the saw, at first,everything was fine. Until I started the saw again, and the blade broke and popped off hitting my finger. I was mortified for myself and my teacher.

​Even though, a teacher visiting us for the incident, we had to keep working. So we kept the speaker way it was. And it actually worked out, the design resembled an owl which was a positive mistake, because the teacher we were gifting to loved owls, and the speaker worked great. So even after a little accident, we still got a rainbow afterwards. And our teacher loved the speaker. So even after, we failed, we retried and tried to work with our mistakes.


By Arianna Nunez

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