success or failurefailure-is-success-in-progress

In life we face many choices and challenges, some might be easy and simple but others might be long and hard. Some choices and challenges may lead to success, and others could lead to failure. Failure. It’s not a good thing, but it’s not a bad thing either.  Let’s face it everyone has failed at least once in their life, because nobody is  perfect. I remember many times  in my life when I failed, because guess what, I’m not perfect either.  I have failed a lot but I have learned from my mistakes (sometimes.)

For example I have failed a lot in my Project Lead The Way class. The class itself can be easy sometimes but it can also be hard. In the Project Lead The Way class you have total freedom. There is no teacher behind you telling you what to do, there are no instructions.  We have to be in charge of ourselves. That can either be a good thing or a bad thing. It could be a good thing if you make the right choices and stay on task, but it could also be a bad thing when you make the wrong choices and don’t complete the task.

I remember one time when my partner and I were working on one of modules. (Modules are 1-2 week mini projects based on a topic) The module was Mechanical Systems and my partner and I had to build two different kinds of mechanisms, using what we learned about gears in a video. In the video we watched before we learned what gears were, what they do, how they impact our daily lives, and so much more. The mechanism my partner and I built were the Cam and Follower and the Bevel Gear. When we first started making both the Bevel Gear and the Cam and Follower, it was very difficult for us, because we didn’t know how to start. Then we asked one of our fellow peers for help and they helped us with starting and they guided us through the challenge. I have learned that whenever you need help you should ask for help no matter how afraid you are and if you have any questions you should ask them. Whenever you face a hard obstacle you have to face your fears, and overcome the challenge.

“Fall seven times, stand up eight” by Unknown

By: Hope C (:

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