Take care by litzy ðŸŒˆ

Taking care of what is “ours”

Think of this: Your parents bought you a brand new phone. A phone that you have been wanting for months. You promise to take care of it and the one day your friend asks you to use it to call her mom and then boom your phone just feel to concrete. How will you feel? Someone just came and invaded your property and broke something that was yours. Now you have a broke phone. A phone that you promised to take care of.

Now instead of being a phone make it the maker space. The maker space in basically ours. It was made for the students. A space that you have to create what ever you imagine (of course with the permission of a teacher ). You have to take care of what is yours, of course it’s not your but you are trusted to take care of it. My point here is that even if it’s not yours or is take care of it. Take care of it like if it was yours. The maker space is there to help us. The maker space is helping us by making us make our mind grow and create all these amazing things. For example we are influenced by the maker space to create our maker project.

What I’m trying to say is take care of everything that’s yours or not. Your are being trusted to take care of that phone or maker space etc. Take care of what is “yours”

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