About PLTW & Maker Fair

Getting To Know PLTW & Maker Fair

PLTW, also known as the ARS Makerspace, is a class where we focus on technology and innovating inventions through modules. A module is a basic lesson that helps us by learning new things about the three pathways offered at Ann Richards and we take that knowledge a step further by coming together with ideas to innovate an object that could be helpful to our community.

Some reasons we do modules, is not only to let our knowledge grow, but also to get us experienced with the work the three pathways (which are Engineering, Media Technology, and Biomedical Science) require. Working on modules is also very beneficial because it gets us ready for high school and writing a reflection after every module, we have to make a decision over our experiences. Those decisions were already made of us choosing the Pathway that interests is more and I chose Biomedical Science.
Some modules we have in the Engineering pathway are Mechanical Systems, Computer Automated Drafting, Construction & Fabrication Basics, and Computer Science. In Media Technology we have modules like Blogging, Videography, and Intro to Photography. In Biomedical Science we have Stimulation Applications in Medicine, Prosthetics, and Medical Robotics. These are all great options that help us gain more knowledge as a designer so we can create a better future in technology to help out our community.

My experience with these modules has been actually very good. I have done a couple modules which are The Design Process, which was the first module everybody had to do at the same time and what we did was that we created a phone speaker. I have had more experience on the Media Technology Pathway and have done Blogging, Photography, Screen Printing, and Videography with my different groups. I really like Media Tech and I think it is pretty easy. I have also worked a little on Engineering with modules like Mechanical Systems and currently working on Automation and Robotics to start getting ready for the Maker Fair. Even if I am currently working on this module, I am working on planning what my teammates and I will do for the Maker Fair and on getting the application done. I’m honestly really excited for the Maker Fair and to just be able to show our innovation.
By: Crystal R.

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